Caveman, A B.C. Story

Picture Book: 2011 – Sterling Publishing

Board Book: 2013 – Sterling Publishing

1 caveman + 26 letters = wild and wacky ABC fun!

When a caveman and a squirrel try to grab an ACORN for dinner, a big brown BEAR chases them into a CAVE. But then a DINOSAUR comes out and goes after them all! What else will happen in this hysterical, prehistorical story?

The slapstick hijinks go from “A” all the way to some cuddly, friendly “ZZZZZs” and a sweet goodnight.


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Kirkus says:

"A madcap, prehistoric, alphabetic adventure à la Fred Flintstone...Kids will giggle at this clever ABC (note the B.C. in the subtitle) and will gleefully narrate the action out loud. F stands for FUN here."

Publisher's Weekly says:

"Trasler's slapstick cartoons offer a fun, irreverent take on prehistory."

Caveman says:


Janee says:

Q: What do you call it when dinosaurs crash?

A: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

Q: What is Caveman's favorite music?

A: Rock

Q: What is Caveman's favorite music group?

A: The Stones, man.

Q: Why did Caveman have trouble sleeping?

A: Because of the dino-snores.